Parking Management System

The present-day metropolitan areas have seen a burgeoning growth in human population as well as vehicles. This directly results in the requirement of using parking lots highly precise. Also Parking Management System ensures safety and security of the users.


  • Parking guidance system helps people to find parking spots quickly, thereby reducing frustration and enhancing the visitor's experience

  • Boom barrier access control through HMI

  • RFID, QR Code & Licence plate recognition technologies for ensuring security

  • Computerised software for ticketing, revenue management & report generation

  • Automatic gate open by licence plate scanning

  • ANPR, RFID & QR Code based quick gate entry & exit

  • Real time parking guidance through LED display

  • Real time available & occupied parking space for floor wise counting.

  • Duplicate vehicle licence number entry handling for avoid confusions

  • Quota management for different category of drivers

  • Billing - User protected, Bill calculation for different parking type, Daily collection consolidations

  • Vehicle statistics analyse report for decision making